Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 8)

On Wednesday the 7th of November our local gaming club played our monthly sessions of Adventures in Middle Earth, Part 7 of the story can be found here.


The party began this adventure on the morning of the 1st of April TA 2955 in the small logging town in Rhosgobel they had taken rest in for a few days to regain the strength they needed to undertake the task set before them.

They were in relatively high spirits considering what they had been through and while talking to the party Olaf had said and not for the first time that he believed the worst was now behind them. They all gathered their equipment and were heading in the direction that had been pointed to them a couple of days earlier when they realised that they actually didn’t know where they were heading and so should at the very least try to find a guide from the town.

Olaf headed over to a very burly man that was chopping wood with his axe and asked for assistance, he explained the situation and the man introduced himself as Hreod and said that as long as there would be payment at the end he was happy to help them as the spiders had killed his brother and so would assist us in clearing the nests.

The party set off into the Mirkwood Forest led by Hreod and Ted Took who was scouting ahead slightly following tracks that might have belonged to spiders or possibly badgers! (due to an awful scout roll.) They pushed forward following Ted when all of a sudden Olaf, Ted, Belegorn and Hreod fall into a hollow and are caught in a spiders web. The rest of the party who were able to see the hollow before the others fell quickly rushed down to help those stuck in the web, as they struggled against the web it sent vibrations along the webs without them knowing. They were quickly cut free by a combined effort from Duin and Edrahil and set about looking for the nests.

As the party started searching the trees and bushes for the nests the constant vibrations on the web sent signals back to the spiders that were now beginning to emerge as the webs began to vibrate violently as the on coming spiders got closer and closer. It did not take long until the spiders were upon them and the group were quickly forced to fight to defend themselves.


The party began to fight the spiders while also searching for the nests to destroy. Ted Took had wondered off and got himself stuck in the web and the others were unable to see him, while checking one of the webs Olaf also managed to get himself stuck and it took a long time for him and Ted Took to free themselves and get back into the group.

As Ted Took and Olaf came around the edge of the treeline they could see the others in combat with a huger spider queen. Ted moved off behind and Olaf went into the group to help support and administer medical aid.


The battle continued on all around them with spiders coming from all directions and Hreod was knocked unconscious as he destroyed a spiders nest, the fight with the queen continued until out of nowhere Ted Took appeared and was able to finish off the queen.

(This is about where we ran out of time to be continued on Wednesday the 5th of December 2018)

Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 7)

On Wednesday the 3rd of October our local gaming club played our monthly sessions of Adventures in Middle Earth, Part 6 of the story can be found here.


The party began this adventure at around 4am with Rhosgobel on the horizon on the 29th of March TA 2955, they had travelled 8 days since the morning of the orc attack and those 8 days had been long and tiresome. With little to eat the party were all in a foul mood and all had short tempers. (Bad arrival roll resulting in number 3: Arrival in Poor Spirits giving disadvantage on all ability checks pertaining to social interaction until they pass one.)

As they could see the break in the trees from a distance and a small amount of smoke rising from the clearing it was clear that it was a settlement and as they started to approach Olaf stopped the group and suggested that after they had been turned away in Lothlórien that they should come up with a believable reason why they were on the road together and suggested they could be cartographers or even walking stick salesmen since they had the hobbit walking sticks, Nain was soon fed up of this and decided he was going to go and just bang his axe on the gate.

As soon as the rest of the party noticed that Nain was marching off towards to gate of the settlement Duilin chased after him and tackled him to the ground to stop him. The rest of the party ran over and after a short discussion just decided they would go and speak to the people of the settlement and  plead their case for shelter, especially given that Ted Took was not able to walk and had been carried by Belegorn for the last 8 days.

From the outside the structure looked like a wooden fortress with high log walls and a large wooden gate, Nain had been marching towards the door almost running and Olaf had to run to beat him to the door not even noticing that Duilin had tripped and fell whiles trying to run to the gate. Olaf banged four times on the door with his clenched fist and waited a few moments…… nothing…… So Olaf banged again on the door and this time said “Excuse me, can you help us please.” There were some footsteps on the other side of the gate and a hatch at eye height was pulled open and through the gap in dim fire light Olaf could see a very thick faced and hairy face looking at him “what do you want?” it asked and Olaf tried to explain how desperate they were for help only to be told to come back in the morning and as he was about to slam to hatch Nain offered him 6 gold to let us in.

The gate swung open and the large man said “come on then quickly, I could lose my job for this, you will need to speak with the Chief tomorrow but for tonight you can sleep on the floor in the gatehouse but given that you all seem to be heavily armed you will need to surrender those weapons.” All but Nain handed over their weapons in a heart beat as they were too tired to complain and after a short time Nain handed over his too and they were led into the gatehouse to spend the night. Within minutes they were all led out on the floor and sound asleep with a roof over their heads for the first time in 84 days.

The morning came and each of the party woke to find the sharp head of an axe just inches away from their heads. They party were questioned by the guards and after they explained they had paid the doorman to let them in last night and were unarmed and not a threat they were told they would be taken to the Chief to decide their fate.

In daylight it was clear to see that what looked like a small fortress from the outside was clearly a small town on the inside with lots of women and children going around doing the daily routine, some did stare as the group were walked through but most paid little or no attention to them as they were marched a large set of stairs leading up to what they assumed must be the Chiefs quarters. Outside of the wooden structure were a set of huge Ash Pillars totems with the shape of Badgers, Hawks and Bears carved into them.

Olaf and his companions were marched up the steps and into the large room, the floor was covered with bear and badger skins and in the middle of the room a huge chair carved from wood and sat in the chair with wild red hair and a shagged red beard was the largest man Olaf had ever seen, next to the man was a large War Axe that was probably a Ted Took and a half in Length and looked far more dangerous than the wood chopping axes that was wielded by the guards.

The tower of a man stood up approached the group and began to question them about who they were and what they were doing here. Olaf explained they were here out of desperation and would not have come otherwise, he went on to tell the story about the orcs that had attacked them 8 days ago and the river troll the day before that and gave as much information as he could remember though the chief didn’t seem to believe him until Duilin stepped in and was able to convince him.

One by one with the exception of Edrahil the party were questioned with Belegorn being last and trying to be as intimidating as he could that only made the large man laugh. He seemed happy with our story and introduced himself as Grumfold the Chief of the village and after a little more conversation and Duilin offering our services to the town in return for being able to stay for a small time a deal was agreed.

The deal was that most nights the town was attacked from the east by giant spiders and that there was a nest near by and so if we can destroy the nest then we can stay as long as we require. Duilin agreed this and so we began preparations as we had been on the road for a long time Grumfold suggested we should take a couple of days to regain our strength before we undertook the quest and the party agreed and so spent the next few days resting about the town and regaining full strength.  Photo 03-10-2018, 9 59 23 pm

For the first time since the party set out they were able to have a fellowship phase and so were able to complete some undertakings:

Olaf was in a rush to find out more about the local areas and what he could find to help and so he decided to Research Lore and his 3 questions were:

What herbs grow close by?

What wild animals live in the area?

Are there any dangerous plants in the area?

In his rush he was not paying as much attention as he should have been (very bad roll even with advantage) and found out that the most common herb to the area is Thyme, the animals are spiders, badgers, bears, hawks, deer and a strangely large amount of butterfly’s and  that there was a plant that grew in the area called Mirkwood weeping cap and that it was very dangerous, though he had no idea what it looked like.

Edrahil decided that he wanted to help the people with his song and so he sang relaxing songs of calmer times to the town folk and this in turn helped him to feel more relaxed with the good he was doing for the people and was able to lower his shadow corruption

Duilin spent his time training the watchmen to improve their archery skills and seeing the hope on the faces of the men he was training brought hope to him and he was able to lower his shadow corruption.

Belegorn also spent time training the guards and militia the way of the sword and shield. he had what he felt was a life changing moment. In standing up for himself in the meeting with Grumfold it made him realise it’s sometimes good to be bold. So he gained a new trait and is now Bold and determined.

Nain was able to find the blacksmiths and invested some of his own gold into improving the equipment, he helped forge tools and other items that would benefit the locals and make their smiths much more effective and this in turn reduced Nain’s shadow corruption.

Ted Took took the time to get fully rested, he was in a bad way when we arrived at the sanctuary and not even able to walk (Level 5 exhaustion) so all of his time was spent in recovery and was able to fully recover.

The party ready then ready themselves to clear the spiders nest.

Below is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Friday March 30th 2955 Diary of Olaf

Part 8 can be found here.


Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 6)

On Wednesday the 1st of August our local gaming club played our monthly sessions of Adventures in Middle Earth, Part 4 and 5 of the story can be found here.


The party began this adventure feeling very tired! Having just chased down and killed a swamp troll they were feeling worse for ware and in need of rest, though before they could do that they would need to make sure the area was safe and that there were no more trolls in the area.

It didn’t take Duilin long to find the tracks that led to the troll cave, hidden behind reeds on the bank of the river the party made their way inside the damp cave, The smell was quite too much for Olaf and the creaking sounds that came from the cave were very alarming, the only two that pushed further inside were Nain and Ted Took who were able to secure themselves some of the trolls loot in the split seconds before part of the cave collapsed and would have surely trapped them all if they had been inside.

Nain had managed to escape the collapse with a small chest of gold, while Ted Took was only able to grab a bundle of items that contained half a dozen hobbit walking stick and a small dagger in a leather sheath with elvish writing on it that Edrahil told Ted that it meant “Ever Sharp.”

This was quite enough adventure for the whole party at this point and confident that the area was now secure they made their way back to the camp to get a well deserved long rest (The DM has said that because we had cleared the area and made it safe that we could take a long rest here…….The first one since we set off!) The group sat around the fire very quietly as nobody had much of anything in the way of energy left in them and they ate a small supper and one by one went into their tents to sleep having arranged an order that they would each take watch. Olaf went first and used the time to write some notes in his diary to catch up on the events since his last entry, he knew that when he would get home nobody would believe that he and his companions had killed a troll and at that moment he realised that he was day dreaming about going home and all of a sudden did not feel so bad about the rest of the journey, the way the group had worked together to take down the troll had filled him with confidence and he had a much brighter outlook on what was to come.

After Olaf’s watch he woke the next watcher and went to bed, The watches continued throughout the night.

The final watch was Edrahil and he decided that he would conduct his watch form the woods not far from the camp. He was in these woods when he began to hear noises coming from up stream, it started as some rustling noises but as whatever it was got closer he began to hear muttering…….”The thieves…….they stole it, our beautiful boat. We should squeeze them for it.” Edrahil had paused to listen more closely  “No precious, too many, too many. We takes it and goes, quick and quiet.” and in a flash Edrahil shouted a warning at the skulking figure now visible to him.

Olaf and the others were woken by the shouts and the whole party were quickly out of their tents and ready for action.

Photo 01-08-2018, 7 48 35 pm

Almost as soon as the whole party were out of their tents they heard shouts and growls coming towards them. They were all alert and ready for anything as a scouting party of Orcs, Goblins and Wargs came bursting through the trees shouting and screaming “get him… get the little wretch for the master.” Within moment they were upon them and a fierce combat broke out.

Photo 01-08-2018, 10 05 24 pm

Goblin arrows screamed past the ears of the party as they fought the attackers, the leader of the orcs a large orc was barking order at the orcs in a foul tongue and it seemed like they were looking for something throughout the combat

The party were fighting with a renewed strength having been able to get a good nights rest and were able to hold back the attackers and even slay the leader of them but as they did a small group of them that were coming from the side did not move in to attack but instead grabbed the creature that Edrahil had first spotted and forced it into a sack then all began to retreat, they signalled the others and the ones that had not fell in combat retreated with them and it became clear that they were not after them but instead after the creature that was skulking near the camp.

Photo 01-08-2018, 10 20 41 pm

Photo 01-08-2018, 10 53 03 pm

The party stood in the dim light of Olaf’s lamp with the corpses of orcs, goblins and wargs littering the floor around them in a state of confusion having no idea what had just happened and what the orcs could possibly want with the creature. The rest that the party had gained from the full night sleep was short lived as the whole ordeal of what had just happened left them feeling all rather exhausted (gain 1 level of exhaustion) and this was all a little much for Ted Took who collapsed onto the ground next to the tents (Level 5 exhaustion for the hobbit.)

The group were able to pack up the camp at first light and make their way towards Rhosgobel in the Vales of Anduin.

Below is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Tuesday March 20th 2955 Diary of Olaf

Part 7 can be found here.

Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 4 and 5)

On Wednesday the 2nd of May and Wednesday the 4th of July (my Birthday) our local gaming club played our monthly sessions of Adventures in Middle Earth, Sadly no photos for the May session but I did manage to take some of the July session.Part 3 of the story can be found here.


Part 4 

We began on the edge of the Nimrodel river on the boarders of Lothlórien on the 4th of March of the year TA 2955 with everyone feeling pretty low from being refused entry to Lothlórien and wondering what their next move should be. The party spent some time on the bank of the river studying the map and trying to decide where best to go for some rest to regather strength for the rest of the journey that had already taken two months and had made such little ground. This weighed heavy on the party. They had decided that they should head to Rhosgobel where it was known there was a small settlement of woodsmen but to get there they would need to cross the river and this would be no easy task.

The Scout Ted took surveyed the area to look for the best place to cross the river and then upon spotting a small boat not far down river for some reason like a hobbit possessed he decided to try and swim……. In all of his clothes… with his pack loaded with cooking equipment…… into a fast flowing and dangerous river!This meant only one thing, The rest of the party had to rescue the Hobbit and at the same time try to find a way to cross the river.

(queue skills challenge)(OOC information: A skills challenge is something that our DM does that involves us role-playing a certain scenario, in this instance saving the hobbit and getting across the river and we have to tell the DM what we are going to do and what skill we will be using and sell it to him. There are a couple of conditions, one of them is you cant use the same skill you used last time and the other is that you cant use the one that the person before you used. So we describe what we will be doing and with what skill and then we make a roll against a pre decided DC based on the difficulty of the challenge and need to get a certain number of successes before a certain number of failures.)

The party wasted little time in knowing what needed to be done and all began different tasks to rescue the hobbit, a rope was tied off ready to tie to a tree as an anchor, Belegorn ran for the boat but not realising how much of it was sank in the soft ground fell over trying to flip the boat, Olaf took advantage of seeing this and was aware of just how the boat would need to be flipped to get it back up the right way and into the water.Olaf made a run for the boat, his intention was the flip the boat over and dive on top of it, pursuing it out into the river to chase after the hobbit who was drifting further down river in the current and had to drop his pack to stay afloat. (as this heroic rescue was attempted by Olaf the DM said he would give advantage on the check if I hummed the Baywatch theme tune as i did it.) It worked to perfection, Olaf flipped the boat and pushed it into the River and as he did shouted for them to throw him the rope.Duilin was quick to react and threw the rope into the water ahead of Olaf and he was able to grab the rope and secure it to the boat meaning that the boat would not be able to float too far down the river. Olaf lost track of what other things were done to aid the effort to rescue the hobbit but as he could see him getting further away he did the only thing he could think to do and took out his fishing pole and cast his hook towards the hobbit (Rolling a natural 20) he was able to hook the hobbits leather tunic and reel him into the safety of the boat and the rest of the party were able to pull the boat back to the bank.The party were then able to use the boat and rope to cross the river with some success, as they looked back across the river at the setting sun it had a different effect on each of the party, For some the setting sun was a good sign and a good omen of what they had been able to achieve  for others it was the despair that another day had passed and how perilous it had been and how little distance they had travelled. (this cost a lot of the party a point of exhaustion and some points of shadow) Though Olaf was able to use the last of the Kingsfoil to remove a level of exhaustion from 3 of the party.


Part 5

It was now early evening of the 4th of March of the year TA 2955 and having crossed the river the party found a spot and decided to make camp for the night. Duilin was able to hunt a deer and the party ate well, the location of the camp was perfect with fresh water near by and a good supple of game to hunt. The party could use this spot for a day or two to help me feel more rested.The party sat around the fire and began to feel much better, they ate and there would be enough of the deer left for the next day as well, The Hobbit gorged himself and despite being told he would make himself ill he continued to eat as hobbits do until he couldn’t eat any more. Shortly after they had finished eating the decided to call it a night and headed to their tents to get some sleep, The hobbit having the share a tent with Duilin because his pack was now lost to the river.Olaf took this time in the light of the fire to update his journal. He did not have much to put into it but wanted to make sure he could document as much of this secret quest as possible in case they were to fail.They were all woken in the early hours, first by the rumble coming from the hobbits stomach and then by something far worse, outside the camp not far away from them, they could hear the sound of heavy feet stomping along the ground and dragging something that sounded like the boat. Photo 04-07-2018, 9 02 09 pmThey wasted no time in springing into action with Olaf lighting his hooded lantern and revealing a river troll almost 60 feet away from them in the dim light of his lantern, Olaf knew it was a river troll as he had read the script of a play called River Troll Dance that was the tale of how a river troll once tried to capture a maiden from Laketown but was bested by the Master of Laketown and so immortalised in a theatrical play with singing and dancing that is still preformed at certain events in Laketown and from the script it gave a clear description of the river troll and this one was dragging a huge wooden club. Nain and Belegorn charged headlong into the troll and attacked it as Duilin and Edrahil loosed arrows at if from a distance. In all the commotion a few arrows went wayward and hit members of the party (archers rolling 1s) Belegorn was picked up and thrown back at the archers knocking Olaf to the ground, the troll was much more powerful than Olaf had been led to believe from the relative ease that the Master of Laketown had dispatched of one. The brave party were able to bloody the troll before it began its retreat.during all this fight the Hobbit had ran off to the bushes with his rumbling stomach and remained there for most of this encounter with the troll.Photo 04-07-2018, 9 02 17 pmThey sprang into action deciding that they would need to chase the troll down and kill it if they wanted to get any rest as it would only be back again if they didn’t. Duilin was able to track the troll and they set off after it. Ted Took has decided that along with a bad stomach he couldn’t walk and so Belegorn carried the hobbit as they made chase.They discovered the troll in the river tending to its wounds and the party launched the next attack. They loosed arrows as the troll came charging towards them, in the fight the hobbit was knocked out and quickly brought back around by Olaf who tended to his wounds as quickly as he could. This seemed to remind the Hobbit that he could actually walk and he charged into the troll and was able to deliver the killing blow.Photo 04-07-2018, 9 44 18 pmthere was a sigh of relief as the troll dropped lifelessly to the ground and the party exhausted knew they could return to the rest in relative safety.Photo 04-07-2018, 10 12 26 pmBelow is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Sunday March 4th 2955 Diary of Olaf

Part 6 can be found here.

Mercenary Ambush!

As I made it clear from the start I am awful for starting a new project before I have finished the last as I have demonstrated with this blog so far! So The weekend just gone (12th and 13th of May) I along with some friends attended Warhammer Fest at the Ricoh arena in Coventry […]

As I made it clear from the start I am awful for starting a new project before I have finished the last as I have demonstrated with this blog so far!

So The weekend just gone (12th and 13th of May) I along with some friends attended Warhammer Fest at the Ricoh arena in Coventry and as soon as we got into the arena made a beeline for the Forgeworld shop to pick up some Goblin Mercenaries.

I have been looking forward to there since I picked up the There and Back again book on its release and so we really pleased that the cost was only £40 for a captain and 12 goblin mercs.

Me and James did actually discuss getting some washing up liquid to wash our models in the hotel sink and build them that night! though we decided against it and I instead was able to wait until I got home Sunday evening.

Photo 13-05-2018, 6 52 23 pm

After giving them a wash in warm soapy water and a scrub with a tooth brush to make sure there was no mould release on them, I went through and build both boxes of them. they are really lovely models and with the heads, arms and weapons separate you can make a good mix of models without any of them looking the same.

Photo 13-05-2018, 11 58 07 pm

I am looking to get these painted as soon as possible so I can get them into my legion army and so I have listed my steps below and will continue to update them until they are finished.

Painting the Goblin Mercs:

The first thing I did was put a pin in each of their legs and pin them to a cork for ease, it will also help me when I come to put them on the Generationshift92 bases to match the rest of my army.

Step 1: I sprayed the models using citadel corax white.

Step 2: I washed all the flesh areas of the models using Reikland Fleshshade

Step 3: I gave a light dry brush to all the skin areas with Wrack White or Praxeti White (Will check when i get home)

Step 4: I painted all the metal areas with leadbelcher.

Step 5: I painted all the cloth, wood and leather areas with mournfang brown.

Step 6: I painted bone and teeth with Zandri dust.

Step 7: I washed all the cloth, wood, bone, teeth and metal areas with Agrax Earthshade

Step 8: I drybrushed all the metal with Necron Compound.

Step 9: I went over the cloth, bone and wood with a layer of the original colour leaving the wash in the recessed areas.

At this point i was happy to start using them in games so i fixed them to the generationshift bases and added the snow effect. I will do a post soon on how I do my bases for this army as whenever I add to it, I am constantly going back through my phone to find the photos.

One day I will come back and edge highlight them…… When my painting queue is smaller!


Photo 14-05-2018, 8 22 09 pm

Photo 14-05-2018, 11 24 02 pm

This is my progress so far. I will delete as appropriate as i get more painted and will eventually show the finished models. I am looking to get these done as soon as possible to use at a tournament in June.

Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 3)

On Wednesday the 4th of April our local gaming club played our monthly session of Adventures in Middle Earth, This was our most different session yet as we did not get out any terrain (so sadly no photos) and it was purely focused on the Role play.

Part 2 of the story can be found here.

We finished on the edge of Lothlórien on the 25th of February of the year TA 2955 with everyone feeling worse for wear, food was all but gone and everyone was weak and suffering from fatigue (a level of exhaustion.) Olaf was looking forward to spending some time in the elf city and taking some time to study the books that Saruman had gifted to him and some well deserved rest.

Before the party left the Nimrodel river Nain had decided to bath and wash himself in the water that was so refreshing and Ted Took filled his water skin (upstream from where the Dwarf was bathing) Olaf was wary of bathing or filling his water skin as he had a strange feeling they were being watched, standing in the shadow of the tall Oak trees, it was an eerie feeling that Olaf just couldn’t shift.

After a small amount of time the party made way into the forest, the cart was all but empty and so they decided to fill their water skins from the barrel of water and carry the fire wood they could, Olaf took a bundle, it was not easy for him, he was at a very low point as they stood on the edge of the forest and looked in to the dark and dismal place, the ground was thick with cover and no clear path could be made out.

Duilin spotted what looked like it could be a path but was disguised as a badger sett, He had Edrahil take a look and while he said it was very unlike the elves to hide a path in such a way but it did look like it was a path and so suggested they should follow it, This would be a journey slowed down by the fact that Ted Took insisted that he take the Donkey Chris with them and Belegorn offered to take the reins of the horse to guide him through the forest with Ted on his back.

They carried all the supplies they could and set off into the forest of Lothlórien and this is where things started to go from bad to worse, Belegorn (rolling a critical fail) led the donkey over part of the badger sett and it broke its leg, falling and landing on top of Ted Took. The group were able to pull Ted out from under the donkey but unfortunately it was a death sentence for Chris the donkey and it was decided that Edrahil being would the best option to give the animal a humane death and so whispered some soft words to the donkey in Elvish and proceeded to put the animal down (rolling a critical fail.) The animal was a donkey and did not understand Elvish and it was messy, the donkey was clearly scared and making a lot of noise, The botched death of the donkey played heavy on the hearts of the party and none more so than Ted Took who had witnessed his beloved donkey butchered in such an awful way (Ted Took received 2 points of shadow for the loss of his donkey, Belegorn received a point of shadow with the guilt of leading this animal to its final fate and Olaf received a point of shadow in empathy for Ted Took and his loss.)

The party carried on into the Forrest, they were all feeling pretty low, Olaf was not cut out for this, he was near starving and every step he took was hard work, the death of the donkey was still playing on his mind and every now and then he would glance over at Ted Took and see the sorrow on his face.

After walking a small distance into the Forrest they were suddenly ambushed and surrounded by elves with weapons pointed at them they were questioned as to who they were and then bound and blindfolded and taken further into the forest, one at a time they were taken up into a platform in the trees pulled roughly by their hands with a rope to lift them up. when they were all on the platform the blindfolds were removed and Olaf elected to speak to the elf that was clearly in charge, not far into the conversation Olaf would learn that his name was Captain Tautirith and Olaf explained to him that has it not been for the groups despair and desperation they would not have entered the forest but as it was a matter of life or death they had not other option, Olaf was questioned on the killing of the horse and the Dwarf washing in the river, this had Olaf worried. Captain Tautirith thought on all that was said for some time and after speaking with some other members of the group and after they were able to convince the captain that Ted Took was not an Orc spy they questioned more, Olaf made it clear that he was not able to tell the Captain of the purpose of their journey and could only say that Saruman had sent them and that it was of the upmost importance, Then Duilin decided he would try to explain it and told Captain Tautirith that we had been sent by the White Council and our purpose was a secret. Olaf turned his head to Duilin as he said that, as he knew it was not the White Council that had sent us but only the head of the council Saruman. The Captain said he would send word to the Galadriel Lady of Lórien and Celeborn Lord of Lothlórien to confirm we were acting on behalf of the White Council and if that was the case we would be free to travel through the Forrest. Olaf knew it was not the case and so used the time they had in relative safety to update his journal.

Though the party has rested a little and had been offered food and drink by the elves they did not feel rested and in the morning when the scout came back to tell the Captain that Galadriel and Celeborn had not heard of them or the journey the group were on and said that the White Council had no knowledge of it, this resulted in the group being immediately escorted from Lothlórien in the same manner as they were brought to the platform, they were bound and blindfolded and marched roughly to the edge of the forest and told to leave immediately or face death.

All of Olaf’s hopes for spending some time in Lórien to rest and regain strength and perhaps take some time to study the books that Saruman had given him were dashed as soon as Duilin had mentioned the White Council. Olaf felt sick as they walked away with Lothlórien at their backs, he was tired and hungry and did not feel like he was long for this world. without food and rest Olaf did not have long left in him.

Below is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Sunday February 25th 2955 Diary of Olaf

Parts 4 and 5 can be found here.



Tales of Middle Earth Part 1 (Month 2)

As I have said in the part 1, part 2 and part 3 posts: our local Wargaming club are doing a Tales of Middle Earth slow grow, where we start with a 200 point army and every month we add 200 points to the army.

This post will cover two of the month 1 armies that were finished on time (I did mean to get this post up sooner) The below two are made up of only Heros so it is much less to get painted but none the less they are very impressive looking models and one of them is undefeated against the other 200 point starting armies (though we did try some other 200 point models and armies against it to beat it) though I will mention more about that below.


First up we have month 1 painted for Phil’s White Council army with Armoured Glorfindel and Arwen.

Photo 11-04-2018, 9 44 18 pm

Next up we have Charlies army of one! Charlie is going to be working on a Radagast’s Alliance army and started with Beorn, who at 200 points seems unstoppable with all of the other armies that we have taking part in this.

After Beorn tore through the White Council, Iron Hills and Last Alliance Elves (making very short work of Gil-Galad after both striking up to fight 10 and Beorn winning the fight and hugging old Gil to death pretty quickly) it was then decided to see what could beat Beorn and a mounted Aragorn (fellowship version) was able to beat him but in the process exhausting all of his might. The the Golbin king and the points made up with goblin town goblins were also able to take him down with a lot of piercing striking!

Photo 11-04-2018, 9 38 47 pm

The next post will cover the painted month one armies of myself with my Last Alliance and James with his Iron Hills.

Denizens Distractions!

I have been a little relaxed lately in my Hobby as I have been on Holiday and so not had much of a chance for Hobby but have been slowly pushing on with the Mirkwood army….. Until a distraction hit me! The distraction was in the form of April’s issue of White Dwarf and in particular the two new battle companies that have been added: The Last Alliance and Denizens of Mirkwood.

I had been planning to use my freshly painted Mirkwood Army for a Battle Companies Campaign that will be starting at my local club on the 18th of April but as it seemed like a lot of people were going to be using Good armies I decided I should go for Evil and was leaning towards Dol Guldur I have decided that Denizens of Mirkwood would be much more fun and would give me an excuse to use some of the metallic chameleon paints I bought from Greenstuff world.

I knew that I had some (If not all) of the models I needed for a Denizens of Mirkwood battle company and so when i got home form work last night I sorted through to see what I had and placed an order for a couple of extras.

Photo 03-04-2018, 6 17 15 pm

I had a single Bat swarm, 2 Mirkwood Spiders, 6 Fell Wargs and The Spider Queen set (I decided I would paint her at the same time because I could then add more Spiders and Wargs in the future to make it an actual army and I needed the Broodlings for the Battle Company. I then ordered another pack of Mirkwood Spiders, 2 packs of Giant Spiders and another Bat swarm.

Photo 03-04-2018, 10 16 35 pm

As the Mirkwood Spiders were already spayed black I decided to test out one of the chameleon paints and see how it looked on them.

I started by going over the body and legs of the Spider with blue-tack in the areas I wanted to stay black.


I decided to sample the colour Tropical Green that from the picture on the bottle looks to be a mix of Yellow and Orange. I gave the models two coats with the airbrush to make sure they had a nice coat of paint.


Photo 03-04-2018, 11 32 44 pm

Once the paint had dried i removed the blue-tack to have a look at the results, I am not 100% happy with it at the moment but it is certainly something I can work with, I am thinking that when the next two arrive and for the Giant Spiders and Spider Queen I will likely spray them completely with the Chameleon paint and then do the black details with a brush.

This is my Progress so far on the Denizens of Mirkwood, I have until the 18th to get them painted so I would expect to get another post up with my progress between now and then as well as one when they are complete.

Its all about the base!

I have always been a film believe that its how we base miniatures that really finish them off and so for that reason I am a huge fan of Generationshift92 bases and have used them for my Azog’s Legion army and my Dol Guldur army as well as having plans for them on future projects.

I do however think that some simple basing can make such a difference to a model and a good base can make an average painted model look great and a bad base can make a great painted model look bad.

I find that a lot of the time people are so desperate to get their models on the table that often the bases get neglected, even though there are some simple ways to base models to really tie them all in together and make the army look great.

To show this I decided to do a few bases the weekend in a way that I find really quick and easy to do but gives a really nice effect. It is what I use on most of my models though the colours may alter from one project to the next.

At the moment the most recent models I did the bases on were my 200 points of last alliance for our Tales of Middle Earth  slow grow. The theme of these bases is Mordor as I want it them to represent the siege of Barad-dûr and so I have gone for a grey dusty base.

Below are 3 examples of bases that i will use to represent different terrain in an area.

The first one (on the left) is just sprayed grey and then covered with PVA glue and dipped in sandpit sand, I use this as it is very fine. This is to represent the flatter areas.

The second one (In the middle) is just sprayed grey and then covered with PVA glue and dipped in to fine slate ballast. This is to represent the very rough areas that would not normally be walked.

The third base (on the right) Is a mix of the two, I put on a few areas of PVA and first put apply the fine slate ballast and then i paint PVA into the gaps and apply the sand. This gives the look of ground somewhat in between the two above.

Photo 09-03-2018, 7 23 49 pm

Once the PVA has dried I give the bases a heavy wash, for these as i wanted a dusty grey I decided to use Agrax Earthshade.

Photo 09-03-2018, 9 17 26 pm

Photo 09-03-2018, 9 19 36 pm

Photo 09-03-2018, 11 11 43 pm

Once they had dried i decided that they were still looking a little light and so decided to give them a second wash with Agrax Earthshade again.

Photo 10-03-2018, 9 39 27 am

After the second wash had dried I was happy with the colour and so started the first drybrush. I went over all of the bases with a fairly heavy drybrush of Longbeard grey dry paint.

Photo 10-03-2018, 9 44 22 am

At this point I decided to put some flock on them, in some cases I would have given it a drybrush with another colour but I am content with how they looked here so then I applied some scorched grass flock.

Photo 12-03-2018, 5 20 41 pm

I then added a couple of pieces of loose foliage to finish the base off and it is complete.

Photo 12-03-2018, 7 15 47 pm

Above are the finished bases. These are really quick and easy to complete and can add real character to your models and help them all tie in together.

Tales of Middle Earth Part 3 (Month 1)

As I have said in the part 1 and part 2 posts: our local Wargaming club are doing a Tales of Middle Earth slow grow, where we start with a 200 point army and every month we add 200 points to the army.

This post will cover the next two members of the club and the armies that they will be building.

Charlie is going to be painting a Hero army based around Beorn.

For month one he is going to be painting the big guy himself! This is one that I am looking forward to facing having only ever played against Beorn once, it should be interesting. After seeing Charlies Spider Queen for the Grand Tournament I am looking forward to seeing what he does with Beorn. Charlie

James is going to be painting Iron Hills as his next army.

For month 1 James is going for an Iron hills Captain, an Iron Hills Warrior with a banner, 5 Warriors with spears & shields and 2 Iron Hill warriors with crossbows.

I am sure this will make a welcome change for James as his two current Middle Earth armies are Goblin Town Goblins and Hobbits so I am sure he will enjoy not having to paint a horde and then not having to move a horde when he gets them on the table.


The next post will be the last two that have confirmed they will be be taking part to get armies painted, this will be updated if others decide they want to get involved.

Dave who is painting a Mordor army

Paul who is going to be painting 200 points a month but not of a single army, Paul is relatively new to Middle Earth SBG and has a small Durins Folk and Mordor army that he will be expanding by painting a mixed 200 points per month.