A Journey into the Mirkwood Forest.

This weekend I decided it was time to get my Mirkwood Elves painted as I plan on using them for Battle Companies and they have sat idle for too long! I decided that almost everything that was build should get batch painted in one hit and so I am currently painting: 10 Mirkwood Rangers, 2 Mirkwood Ranger Captains and 24 Armoured Mirkwood Elves with a mix of weapons.

This is my progress so far with all the base layers applied.

I started the Mirkwood Rangers some time ago but from memory:

  1. sprayed with Caliban Green Spray
  2. painted cloth parts and some hoods with Mechanicus Standard Grey
  3. painted cloth parts and some hoods and all the bows and quivers with Mournfang Brown
  4. painted all the flesh with Flayed one Flesh
  5. painted all the metal parts with Leadbelcher
  6. painted arrow shafts with Gorthor Brown.
  7. Painted hair on some with Zandri Dust for the base of Blonde hair and Steel Legion Drab for brown hair. (I would have liked to have used Rhinox Hide or Dryad Bark but couldn’t find it, I might use one of those in future as the hair doesn’t need to be uniform)
  8. Washed all over except skin areas with Agrax Earthshade (Liquid Talent)
  9. I then painted over the flesh with Kislev flesh
  10. I washed the flesh with Reikland Fleshtone
  11. I then went back over most of the flesh areas with Kislev flesh, trying to avoid the deepest areas that had the wash in them.
  12. I then drybrushed Niblet Green
  13. I then drybrushed the brown with Verminlord Hide
  14. I then started to highlight the edges of all the brown areas of cloth with Gorthor Brown
  15. I then highlighted some of the green areas with Warboss Green.
  16. I then painted the bases with Rhinox Hide
  17. I then drybrushed the metal with Necron Compound
  18.  and daggers.

Photo 18-03-2018, 11 05 04 pm

This is my progress so far with the Mirkwood Rangers and I will edit this post as i go to keep it updated.

The Armoured Mirkwood Warriors were only started this weekend and so are still fresh in my memory, I started by watching GBHL Damion’s vlog for painting Mirkwood Elves and decided to do mine in a similar way but with some small variations.

  1. I sprayed the models with Corax White Spray
  2. I Painted all the cloaks with Doombull Brown
  3. I painted the flesh parts with Flayed One Flesh
  4. I painted the base cloth/leader skirt part of the models with Gorthor brown and then that dried i painted the parts inside the lines with Mournfang brown.
  5. I then painted the cloth parts of the models on the legs and arms with Gorthor brown.
  6. I painted the bows, quivers, boots and shafts of the Glaives with Mournfang brown
  7. I painted all of the armour on the model with Balthasar Gold
  8. I painted the metal parts of the weapons with Leadbelcher
  9. At this stage I decided to go back over some parts of the models to touch up some areas where I was a little careless and this was mostly touching up the cloak with Doombull Brown as well as adding it around the bottom of the skirt.
  10. I now washed all of the models with Agrax Earthshade, being careful to avoid the skin parts though i was not too worried if some did go onto the skin as it would be easy to touch up before I add a wash of Reikland Fleshshade.
  11. Once the wash had dried I decided to go over all the flesh again to tidy it up but this time to use Kislev flesh so that I could then add some highlights with Flayed One Flesh at a later stage.
  12. I washed the flesh areas with Reikland Fleshshade.
  13. I started to highlight the cloak by going over all but the deepest recesses with Doombull Brown.
  14. The next step was to put a highlight onto all the gold areas with Balthasar Gold.
  15. I went over the brown cloth areas of the skirt with Mournfang Brown and Gorthor brown.
  16. I then drybrushed the gold and metal areas with Necron compound very carefully to only hit the highest edges.
  17. I then used liberator gold to paint the hilts of all the swords
  18. I then painted the whole base with Rhinox Hide
  19. I then added pva glue and sand to the base, it was a little early to do this step but I really like how they look at this point so I tend to do it early.

This is my progress so far as of 19th of March 2018, I will come back and edit this when i have progressed further.

I have been looking at all the Mirwood stuff i have and if i can get it all painted it will give me a 1505 point army so i should have plenty of options.


Photo 18-03-2018, 11 05 08 pm



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