Tales of Middle Earth Part 2 (Month 1)

As I said in Tales of Middle Earth our local Wargaming Club are doing a Tale of Warlord/ Slow Grow for Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game and I thought I should show you what some of the others are doing, this will be done in two posts as I dont have photos yet for everyone but will start with the ones that i do have photos of.

Phil is going to be painting the White Council for his next army.

Phil won best painted Army at Warhammer Worlds 2017 Grand Tournament with his Umbar Evil army and Ent Good army, Photos can be found here.

Phil runs Fable Creative a commission painting and conversion service.

For Month 1 Phil is going to be painting Armoured Glorfindel and Arwen.


Andy is doing to be painting his Dunlending army for his next army.

Andy won the best painted Army at Warhammer Worlds 2018 Grand Tournament with his Angmar Evil army and Lothlórien Good army, Photos can be found here.

Andy runs his own Facebook painting page to showcase his work.

For Andy’s month 1 200 points he will have: A Dunlending Chieftain with a 2 Handed Weapon and 14 Dunlending Warriors. of the 14, 5 will have 2 handed weapons, 5 with shields, 3 with bows and one with a banner.

As a hero can only lead a warband of up to 12 models it will mean that when we play some games with our month 1 armies that Andy will be slightly down on points as he will have 2 warriors that will not be able to take part as there is no hero to lead them, though as its only a bit of fun to get more armies painted I dont think he will mind.


we have at least 4 others at the club that will be taking part in the Tales of Middle Earth and as soon as they send me some photos I will put a post up to show what they will be working on.

The other 4 that have confirmed they are taking part are:

Charlie who will be doing a hero army focused around Beorn.

James who will be doing an Iron Hills army.

Dave who will be doing a Mordor army.

Paul who will be doing it slightly different as he will be painting 200 points a month but a mix of Mordor and Durin’s Folk to add to his armies.

As we have a lot of Good armies, I will be trying to paint an Evil one as well but it will be much less of a priority as my good army as I currently have a reasonable size Azogs Legion, Azogs hunters, Dol Guldur and Isengard army. I do have a Harad army that I have built and sprayed so I will be trying to get that done if time allows.

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