Tales of Middle Earth Part 3 (Month 1)

As I have said in the part 1 and part 2 posts: our local Wargaming club are doing a Tales of Middle Earth slow grow, where we start with a 200 point army and every month we add 200 points to the army.

This post will cover the next two members of the club and the armies that they will be building.

Charlie is going to be painting a Hero army based around Beorn.

For month one he is going to be painting the big guy himself! This is one that I am looking forward to facing having only ever played against Beorn once, it should be interesting. After seeing Charlies Spider Queen for the Grand Tournament I am looking forward to seeing what he does with Beorn. Charlie

James is going to be painting Iron Hills as his next army.

For month 1 James is going for an Iron hills Captain, an Iron Hills Warrior with a banner, 5 Warriors with spears & shields and 2 Iron Hill warriors with crossbows.

I am sure this will make a welcome change for James as his two current Middle Earth armies are Goblin Town Goblins and Hobbits so I am sure he will enjoy not having to paint a horde and then not having to move a horde when he gets them on the table.


The next post will be the last two that have confirmed they will be be taking part to get armies painted, this will be updated if others decide they want to get involved.

Dave who is painting a Mordor army

Paul who is going to be painting 200 points a month but not of a single army, Paul is relatively new to Middle Earth SBG and has a small Durins Folk and Mordor army that he will be expanding by painting a mixed 200 points per month.


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