The long road back into Mirkwood.

So the weekend has not been as productive as I had hoped and while I was able to get the first highlight layer onto the cloaks of the 24 armoured Mirkwood Elves I am currently painting but on a plus note I spend some time and cleared my hobby desk and got it all organised as it was starting to look very messy.

I started by packing away any model that I was not currently painting and given how many projects I am working on, I had a lot of models out.

I had ordered a new paint rack as I had outgrown my current racks and needed to add to them, I built this on Saturday morning and spent most of Saturday organising paints, I am still waiting for a corner rack and another base for them that should be here this week.

Photo 10-03-2018, 5 23 59 pm

Photo 15-03-2018, 12 06 09 am

Photo 10-03-2018, 3 31 27 pm.jpg

I had no idea how many browns and greens I had! Once that was done I went through boxing up all the basing supplies and got them organised onto the shelves above so i had a clean area to work with everything in arms reach.

Photo 11-03-2018, 2 33 27 pm

I didn’t finish getting it all organised until Sunday and so then because of it being Mothers Day and having other plans I didn’t get a chance to sit down and paint until almost 10pm and then painted the first highlight onto the 24 cloaks of the Armoured Mirkwood Warriors.

Photo 10-03-2018, 12 21 09 pm

They still have a long way to go but I am really pleased with the progress so far, I have updated the post on my Mirkwood Army to include the latest step.

The next two posts I have planned that will be early this coming week will be one about basing miniatures and the other will be some more of the armies for our clubs Tales of Middle Earth Army slow grow.

Photo 15-03-2018, 5 36 08 pm

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