Denizens Distractions!

I have been a little relaxed lately in my Hobby as I have been on Holiday and so not had much of a chance for Hobby but have been slowly pushing on with the Mirkwood army….. Until a distraction hit me! The distraction was in the form of April’s issue of White Dwarf and in particular the two new battle companies that have been added: The Last Alliance and Denizens of Mirkwood.

I had been planning to use my freshly painted Mirkwood Army for a Battle Companies Campaign that will be starting at my local club on the 18th of April but as it seemed like a lot of people were going to be using Good armies I decided I should go for Evil and was leaning towards Dol Guldur I have decided that Denizens of Mirkwood would be much more fun and would give me an excuse to use some of the metallic chameleon paints I bought from Greenstuff world.

I knew that I had some (If not all) of the models I needed for a Denizens of Mirkwood battle company and so when i got home form work last night I sorted through to see what I had and placed an order for a couple of extras.

Photo 03-04-2018, 6 17 15 pm

I had a single Bat swarm, 2 Mirkwood Spiders, 6 Fell Wargs and The Spider Queen set (I decided I would paint her at the same time because I could then add more Spiders and Wargs in the future to make it an actual army and I needed the Broodlings for the Battle Company. I then ordered another pack of Mirkwood Spiders, 2 packs of Giant Spiders and another Bat swarm.

Photo 03-04-2018, 10 16 35 pm

As the Mirkwood Spiders were already spayed black I decided to test out one of the chameleon paints and see how it looked on them.

I started by going over the body and legs of the Spider with blue-tack in the areas I wanted to stay black.


I decided to sample the colour Tropical Green that from the picture on the bottle looks to be a mix of Yellow and Orange. I gave the models two coats with the airbrush to make sure they had a nice coat of paint.


Photo 03-04-2018, 11 32 44 pm

Once the paint had dried i removed the blue-tack to have a look at the results, I am not 100% happy with it at the moment but it is certainly something I can work with, I am thinking that when the next two arrive and for the Giant Spiders and Spider Queen I will likely spray them completely with the Chameleon paint and then do the black details with a brush.

This is my Progress so far on the Denizens of Mirkwood, I have until the 18th to get them painted so I would expect to get another post up with my progress between now and then as well as one when they are complete.

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