Tales of Middle Earth Part 1 (Month 2)

As I have said in the part 1, part 2 and part 3 posts: our local Wargaming club are doing a Tales of Middle Earth slow grow, where we start with a 200 point army and every month we add 200 points to the army.

This post will cover two of the month 1 armies that were finished on time (I did mean to get this post up sooner) The below two are made up of only Heros so it is much less to get painted but none the less they are very impressive looking models and one of them is undefeated against the other 200 point starting armies (though we did try some other 200 point models and armies against it to beat it) though I will mention more about that below.


First up we have month 1 painted for Phil’s White Council army with Armoured Glorfindel and Arwen.

Photo 11-04-2018, 9 44 18 pm

Next up we have Charlies army of one! Charlie is going to be working on a Radagast’s Alliance army and started with Beorn, who at 200 points seems unstoppable with all of the other armies that we have taking part in this.

After Beorn tore through the White Council, Iron Hills and Last Alliance Elves (making very short work of Gil-Galad after both striking up to fight 10 and Beorn winning the fight and hugging old Gil to death pretty quickly) it was then decided to see what could beat Beorn and a mounted Aragorn (fellowship version) was able to beat him but in the process exhausting all of his might. The the Golbin king and the points made up with goblin town goblins were also able to take him down with a lot of piercing striking!

Photo 11-04-2018, 9 38 47 pm

The next post will cover the painted month one armies of myself with my Last Alliance and James with his Iron Hills.

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