Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 4 and 5)

On Wednesday the 2nd of May and Wednesday the 4th of July (my Birthday) our local gaming club played our monthly sessions of Adventures in Middle Earth, Sadly no photos for the May session but I did manage to take some of the July session.Part 3 of the story can be found here.


Part 4 

We began on the edge of the Nimrodel river on the boarders of Lothlórien on the 4th of March of the year TA 2955 with everyone feeling pretty low from being refused entry to Lothlórien and wondering what their next move should be. The party spent some time on the bank of the river studying the map and trying to decide where best to go for some rest to regather strength for the rest of the journey that had already taken two months and had made such little ground. This weighed heavy on the party. They had decided that they should head to Rhosgobel where it was known there was a small settlement of woodsmen but to get there they would need to cross the river and this would be no easy task.

The Scout Ted took surveyed the area to look for the best place to cross the river and then upon spotting a small boat not far down river for some reason like a hobbit possessed he decided to try and swim……. In all of his clothes… with his pack loaded with cooking equipment…… into a fast flowing and dangerous river!This meant only one thing, The rest of the party had to rescue the Hobbit and at the same time try to find a way to cross the river.

(queue skills challenge)(OOC information: A skills challenge is something that our DM does that involves us role-playing a certain scenario, in this instance saving the hobbit and getting across the river and we have to tell the DM what we are going to do and what skill we will be using and sell it to him. There are a couple of conditions, one of them is you cant use the same skill you used last time and the other is that you cant use the one that the person before you used. So we describe what we will be doing and with what skill and then we make a roll against a pre decided DC based on the difficulty of the challenge and need to get a certain number of successes before a certain number of failures.)

The party wasted little time in knowing what needed to be done and all began different tasks to rescue the hobbit, a rope was tied off ready to tie to a tree as an anchor, Belegorn ran for the boat but not realising how much of it was sank in the soft ground fell over trying to flip the boat, Olaf took advantage of seeing this and was aware of just how the boat would need to be flipped to get it back up the right way and into the water.Olaf made a run for the boat, his intention was the flip the boat over and dive on top of it, pursuing it out into the river to chase after the hobbit who was drifting further down river in the current and had to drop his pack to stay afloat. (as this heroic rescue was attempted by Olaf the DM said he would give advantage on the check if I hummed the Baywatch theme tune as i did it.) It worked to perfection, Olaf flipped the boat and pushed it into the River and as he did shouted for them to throw him the rope.Duilin was quick to react and threw the rope into the water ahead of Olaf and he was able to grab the rope and secure it to the boat meaning that the boat would not be able to float too far down the river. Olaf lost track of what other things were done to aid the effort to rescue the hobbit but as he could see him getting further away he did the only thing he could think to do and took out his fishing pole and cast his hook towards the hobbit (Rolling a natural 20) he was able to hook the hobbits leather tunic and reel him into the safety of the boat and the rest of the party were able to pull the boat back to the bank.The party were then able to use the boat and rope to cross the river with some success, as they looked back across the river at the setting sun it had a different effect on each of the party, For some the setting sun was a good sign and a good omen of what they had been able to achieve  for others it was the despair that another day had passed and how perilous it had been and how little distance they had travelled. (this cost a lot of the party a point of exhaustion and some points of shadow) Though Olaf was able to use the last of the Kingsfoil to remove a level of exhaustion from 3 of the party.


Part 5

It was now early evening of the 4th of March of the year TA 2955 and having crossed the river the party found a spot and decided to make camp for the night. Duilin was able to hunt a deer and the party ate well, the location of the camp was perfect with fresh water near by and a good supple of game to hunt. The party could use this spot for a day or two to help me feel more rested.The party sat around the fire and began to feel much better, they ate and there would be enough of the deer left for the next day as well, The Hobbit gorged himself and despite being told he would make himself ill he continued to eat as hobbits do until he couldn’t eat any more. Shortly after they had finished eating the decided to call it a night and headed to their tents to get some sleep, The hobbit having the share a tent with Duilin because his pack was now lost to the river.Olaf took this time in the light of the fire to update his journal. He did not have much to put into it but wanted to make sure he could document as much of this secret quest as possible in case they were to fail.They were all woken in the early hours, first by the rumble coming from the hobbits stomach and then by something far worse, outside the camp not far away from them, they could hear the sound of heavy feet stomping along the ground and dragging something that sounded like the boat. Photo 04-07-2018, 9 02 09 pmThey wasted no time in springing into action with Olaf lighting his hooded lantern and revealing a river troll almost 60 feet away from them in the dim light of his lantern, Olaf knew it was a river troll as he had read the script of a play called River Troll Dance that was the tale of how a river troll once tried to capture a maiden from Laketown but was bested by the Master of Laketown and so immortalised in a theatrical play with singing and dancing that is still preformed at certain events in Laketown and from the script it gave a clear description of the river troll and this one was dragging a huge wooden club. Nain and Belegorn charged headlong into the troll and attacked it as Duilin and Edrahil loosed arrows at if from a distance. In all the commotion a few arrows went wayward and hit members of the party (archers rolling 1s) Belegorn was picked up and thrown back at the archers knocking Olaf to the ground, the troll was much more powerful than Olaf had been led to believe from the relative ease that the Master of Laketown had dispatched of one. The brave party were able to bloody the troll before it began its retreat.during all this fight the Hobbit had ran off to the bushes with his rumbling stomach and remained there for most of this encounter with the troll.Photo 04-07-2018, 9 02 17 pmThey sprang into action deciding that they would need to chase the troll down and kill it if they wanted to get any rest as it would only be back again if they didn’t. Duilin was able to track the troll and they set off after it. Ted Took has decided that along with a bad stomach he couldn’t walk and so Belegorn carried the hobbit as they made chase.They discovered the troll in the river tending to its wounds and the party launched the next attack. They loosed arrows as the troll came charging towards them, in the fight the hobbit was knocked out and quickly brought back around by Olaf who tended to his wounds as quickly as he could. This seemed to remind the Hobbit that he could actually walk and he charged into the troll and was able to deliver the killing blow.Photo 04-07-2018, 9 44 18 pmthere was a sigh of relief as the troll dropped lifelessly to the ground and the party exhausted knew they could return to the rest in relative safety.Photo 04-07-2018, 10 12 26 pmBelow is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Sunday March 4th 2955 Diary of Olaf

Part 6 can be found here.

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