Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 8)

On Wednesday the 7th of November our local gaming club played our monthly sessions of Adventures in Middle Earth, Part 7 of the story can be found here.


The party began this adventure on the morning of the 1st of April TA 2955 in the small logging town in Rhosgobel they had taken rest in for a few days to regain the strength they needed to undertake the task set before them.

They were in relatively high spirits considering what they had been through and while talking to the party Olaf had said and not for the first time that he believed the worst was now behind them. They all gathered their equipment and were heading in the direction that had been pointed to them a couple of days earlier when they realised that they actually didn’t know where they were heading and so should at the very least try to find a guide from the town.

Olaf headed over to a very burly man that was chopping wood with his axe and asked for assistance, he explained the situation and the man introduced himself as Hreod and said that as long as there would be payment at the end he was happy to help them as the spiders had killed his brother and so would assist us in clearing the nests.

The party set off into the Mirkwood Forest led by Hreod and Ted Took who was scouting ahead slightly following tracks that might have belonged to spiders or possibly badgers! (due to an awful scout roll.) They pushed forward following Ted when all of a sudden Olaf, Ted, Belegorn and Hreod fall into a hollow and are caught in a spiders web. The rest of the party who were able to see the hollow before the others fell quickly rushed down to help those stuck in the web, as they struggled against the web it sent vibrations along the webs without them knowing. They were quickly cut free by a combined effort from Duin and Edrahil and set about looking for the nests.

As the party started searching the trees and bushes for the nests the constant vibrations on the web sent signals back to the spiders that were now beginning to emerge as the webs began to vibrate violently as the on coming spiders got closer and closer. It did not take long until the spiders were upon them and the group were quickly forced to fight to defend themselves.


The party began to fight the spiders while also searching for the nests to destroy. Ted Took had wondered off and got himself stuck in the web and the others were unable to see him, while checking one of the webs Olaf also managed to get himself stuck and it took a long time for him and Ted Took to free themselves and get back into the group.

As Ted Took and Olaf came around the edge of the treeline they could see the others in combat with a huger spider queen. Ted moved off behind and Olaf went into the group to help support and administer medical aid.


The battle continued on all around them with spiders coming from all directions and Hreod was knocked unconscious as he destroyed a spiders nest, the fight with the queen continued until out of nowhere Ted Took appeared and was able to finish off the queen.

(This is about where we ran out of time to be continued on Wednesday the 5th of December 2018)

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