Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 3)

On Wednesday the 4th of April our local gaming club played our monthly session of Adventures in Middle Earth, This was our most different session yet as we did not get out any terrain (so sadly no photos) and it was purely focused on the Role play.

Part 2 of the story can be found here.

We finished on the edge of Lothlórien on the 25th of February of the year TA 2955 with everyone feeling worse for wear, food was all but gone and everyone was weak and suffering from fatigue (a level of exhaustion.) Olaf was looking forward to spending some time in the elf city and taking some time to study the books that Saruman had gifted to him and some well deserved rest.

Before the party left the Nimrodel river Nain had decided to bath and wash himself in the water that was so refreshing and Ted Took filled his water skin (upstream from where the Dwarf was bathing) Olaf was wary of bathing or filling his water skin as he had a strange feeling they were being watched, standing in the shadow of the tall Oak trees, it was an eerie feeling that Olaf just couldn’t shift.

After a small amount of time the party made way into the forest, the cart was all but empty and so they decided to fill their water skins from the barrel of water and carry the fire wood they could, Olaf took a bundle, it was not easy for him, he was at a very low point as they stood on the edge of the forest and looked in to the dark and dismal place, the ground was thick with cover and no clear path could be made out.

Duilin spotted what looked like it could be a path but was disguised as a badger sett, He had Edrahil take a look and while he said it was very unlike the elves to hide a path in such a way but it did look like it was a path and so suggested they should follow it, This would be a journey slowed down by the fact that Ted Took insisted that he take the Donkey Chris with them and Belegorn offered to take the reins of the horse to guide him through the forest with Ted on his back.

They carried all the supplies they could and set off into the forest of Lothlórien and this is where things started to go from bad to worse, Belegorn (rolling a critical fail) led the donkey over part of the badger sett and it broke its leg, falling and landing on top of Ted Took. The group were able to pull Ted out from under the donkey but unfortunately it was a death sentence for Chris the donkey and it was decided that Edrahil being would the best option to give the animal a humane death and so whispered some soft words to the donkey in Elvish and proceeded to put the animal down (rolling a critical fail.) The animal was a donkey and did not understand Elvish and it was messy, the donkey was clearly scared and making a lot of noise, The botched death of the donkey played heavy on the hearts of the party and none more so than Ted Took who had witnessed his beloved donkey butchered in such an awful way (Ted Took received 2 points of shadow for the loss of his donkey, Belegorn received a point of shadow with the guilt of leading this animal to its final fate and Olaf received a point of shadow in empathy for Ted Took and his loss.)

The party carried on into the Forrest, they were all feeling pretty low, Olaf was not cut out for this, he was near starving and every step he took was hard work, the death of the donkey was still playing on his mind and every now and then he would glance over at Ted Took and see the sorrow on his face.

After walking a small distance into the Forrest they were suddenly ambushed and surrounded by elves with weapons pointed at them they were questioned as to who they were and then bound and blindfolded and taken further into the forest, one at a time they were taken up into a platform in the trees pulled roughly by their hands with a rope to lift them up. when they were all on the platform the blindfolds were removed and Olaf elected to speak to the elf that was clearly in charge, not far into the conversation Olaf would learn that his name was Captain Tautirith and Olaf explained to him that has it not been for the groups despair and desperation they would not have entered the forest but as it was a matter of life or death they had not other option, Olaf was questioned on the killing of the horse and the Dwarf washing in the river, this had Olaf worried. Captain Tautirith thought on all that was said for some time and after speaking with some other members of the group and after they were able to convince the captain that Ted Took was not an Orc spy they questioned more, Olaf made it clear that he was not able to tell the Captain of the purpose of their journey and could only say that Saruman had sent them and that it was of the upmost importance, Then Duilin decided he would try to explain it and told Captain Tautirith that we had been sent by the White Council and our purpose was a secret. Olaf turned his head to Duilin as he said that, as he knew it was not the White Council that had sent us but only the head of the council Saruman. The Captain said he would send word to the Galadriel Lady of Lórien and Celeborn Lord of Lothlórien to confirm we were acting on behalf of the White Council and if that was the case we would be free to travel through the Forrest. Olaf knew it was not the case and so used the time they had in relative safety to update his journal.

Though the party has rested a little and had been offered food and drink by the elves they did not feel rested and in the morning when the scout came back to tell the Captain that Galadriel and Celeborn had not heard of them or the journey the group were on and said that the White Council had no knowledge of it, this resulted in the group being immediately escorted from Lothlórien in the same manner as they were brought to the platform, they were bound and blindfolded and marched roughly to the edge of the forest and told to leave immediately or face death.

All of Olaf’s hopes for spending some time in Lórien to rest and regain strength and perhaps take some time to study the books that Saruman had given him were dashed as soon as Duilin had mentioned the White Council. Olaf felt sick as they walked away with Lothlórien at their backs, he was tired and hungry and did not feel like he was long for this world. without food and rest Olaf did not have long left in him.

Below is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Sunday February 25th 2955 Diary of Olaf

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Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 2)

On Wednesday the 7th of March our local gaming club played our monthly session of Adventures in Middle Earth, this was to be the first time we were let loose in the Wilderlands and we were all excited to do so. After the last session I think we all felt that we hadn’t done that well against the wargs and so all had something to prove going forward!

Part 1 of the story can be found here.

The Story from this session:

Having barely passed Saruman’s test the group were not feeling practically pleased with themselves as the wargs had proved to be much tougher than expected, Saruman invited them back into Isengard to discuss some final details of the quest and provide them with some equipment to help the party out on their long journey.

Olaf was gifted a collection of books on languages that he could study to help him communicate with others they are likely to meet along the way.

Duilin was gifted a Ring, Though it was said to be for use of anyone in the party that felt the need of it, the was the Ring of the white hand, something Saruman had created himself.  .

The last item given to the party was a cage containing a Crebain, this gift did not give the party much confidence as Saruman explained that the bird was a messenger bird trained to fly back to Isengard, the idea being that our quest was so important that if it looked like we were not going to make it then the last surviving member of the party was to release the bird and he would return to Isengard and Saruman would know we had failed.

The party rested for the night, Olaf was able to make some healing salve using some Athelas he had found in the stores that he believed would help them on their journey. The nights rest had helped the party to feel a little better and knowing that the first leg of the journey would take them to Lothlórien was actually somewhat of an exciting prospect to Olaf, to his knowledge no man of the lake had even been there before and so this would make for an excellent write up on his journal that he one day hoped to write into a book.

The Party set off bright and early, the road was not easy, they made their way North East around the borders of Fangorn Forest, The conditions were tough, the two hunters of the group Olaf and Ted Took had not been very successful in finding food for the group and so after travelling for 40 days the group were starting to feel the effects of the hunger and they all began to feel exhausted (They each gain one level of exhaustion.)

The date was now the 15th of February in the 2955 year of the 3rd age, the party had made it as far as the north side of Fangorn Forest on the borders of the Grey Meadows and Nain the Dwarf who was tasked as being a lookout went on a little ahead to look out and confirmed that the coast looked clear,  The party made their way North following the river as they were heading to Lothlórien to rest and replenish their supplies.

They had not travelled far into the Grey Meadows before they were attacked by a raiding party of Orcs and Goblins. A large orc captain came running out of the forest towards them as a number of goblins sprang out of the reeds along the river and began to attack, caught completely off guard the party were attacked and though Duilin, Edrahil and Olaf were rendered unconscious during the fight the rest of the party were able to kill the orc captain and force the last remaining goblin to run away.

Photo 07-03-2018, 8 51 54 pm

Photo 07-03-2018, 9 05 26 pm.jpg

The party was then able to stabilise Olaf and using a healing salve found in Olaf’s pack Nain was able to wake Olaf and then in turn he tended to the wounds of Duilin and Edrahil and the group took some time to rest and eat some of the supplies, Olaf took a short amount of time to take some notes of the events in his journal before encouraging the group to look for herbs with him to help him replenish his stock that was looking very low. The Snow was thick on the ground and Olaf was not able to find any herbs but the group did find a lot of orc tracks, it was clear the orcs were in these parts in numbers and very active.

the party has barely regrouped before they heard an orc cry coming from the woods as a large number of orcs came running out of the treeline towards them, They were clearly outnumbered and in no position to fight, the party only had one option and that was to run, they would run in the rough direction they wanted to go but all the while they were perused by the orc’s poisoned arrows whistled past the party’s ears until they were able to get out of range of the arrows.

Duilin led the group towards a small ravine, by now they were even more exhausted as they continued to flee from the orcs that seemed to be ever-growing in numbers, as they passed though the ravine they were very fortunate that their movement through it caused a rock slide that blocked the way behind them and stopped the orcs in their tracks.

Though the party had managed to escape from the orcs it had taken its toll on the party and they were now even more exhausted (Each party member took another level of Exhaustion) they were now moving slowly and feeling very lost, they were not able to make very good sense of the map and were starting to feel very out of their depth.

Always moving though at a slow pace they came across a river and knowing they needed to be on the other side of the river the decided it was best to cross it now given that it was very narrow at the point they had found it and that it did not look deep. As they crossed the river Ted Took paused for a second as he began to notice some distinctive rock features and recognized the place from one of Bilbo Baggins stories that were at times told in the Southfarthing of the shire and more specifically in the local tavern – The Wonky Horse Shoe. Ted Took told the party the story about an elf named Nimrodel.

“Nimrodel was an elf that lived by the river near Lorien. She loved Amroth, king of the golden wood. Together, they journeyed to the haven at Belfalas to travel to the undying lands. Separated, Amroth arrived first, and took refuge on a ship. In storm, the ship broke loose. Amroth dove overboard to swim back to shore and await Nimrodel, but drowned. When she arrived, finding him and the ship gone, she wept. She went home to the river that now bears her name, and poured her sorrow into it. The river washes away her tears, as it washes the weariness of travellers now.”
As Ted Took told the story the party started to take comfort in the words and the wash of the water against their feet began to make the party feel better and oddly gave them a boost as they felt even more determined to get to Lothlórien (The party lost 1 level of exhaustion) Belegorn was acting as the lookout and was able to make sure the coast was clear as they made there was across the river to the boarders of Lothlórien. Olaf felt a real sense of achievement as he looked upon the forest of Lothlórien, he was proud of himself for making it this far as he believed that he was not cut out for going on adventures and that it was only something in Sarumans voice had compelled him to take this journey though deep in his heart he feared it would be a journey he would not return from.
Olaf took comfort in the fact that spending time in Lothlórien would help to regain his strength. Olaf was not a young man and was really feeling the effects of the journey so far, he would use the time in Lothlórien to update his journal and spend some time studying the books that Saruman had given him.

Below is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Saturday February 10th 2955 Diary of Olaf 

part 3 can be found here:

Olaf’s Adventures in Middle Earth (Part 1)

At our local gaming club we have recently started playing Adventures in Middle Earth, a roleplay game created by Cubicle 7. The game uses Dungeons and Dragons 5th editions open gaming licence to allow players to play Characters in Middle Earth in the years between the events of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings with some very clever mechanics and a very authentic feel.

We are very fortunate that our Lore Master (Dungeon Master) Phil is very passionate about Middle Earth and so provides a really great experience.

I didn’t really know where to start with my character but assumed that the others would likely go for combat character and so i opted for the Scholar class that is a form of healer, though unlike D&D it is a medical healer rather than magical, The Middle Earth RPG has little to no magic to give it a better Middle Earth feel, I had always wanted to paint a lake town model but had no interest in painting a whole army so I went for the Captain model and converted him to fit the purpose and that was how I picked my race, purely on a model I wanted to paint. I am however still working on the glow effect from his lamp as its not something ive done before. Photo 06-03-2018, 6 04 51 pm

The backstory for Olaf is:

Olaf was a well known and well respected man around Lake-Town, he was a skilled fisherman and Honorable trader, That was until the company of Thorin entered the lonely mountain and awoke the dragon Smaug, Like most of the people of Lake Town Olaf would lose almost everything when Smaug destroyed the town.

Olaf’s wife, two children and home were all destroyed in the dragon fire. Olaf was only saved as he was near the south shore night fishing on his boat when Smaug attacked. he returned to find his family and home gone, it was something he would never really recover from, though he did the best he could to rebuild his life under king bard.

Olaf was not a young man and was not able to help with the hard manual work that came with the rebuild of lake-town and feeling very broken from the loss of his family and home he retired from fishing and had planned to leave lake-town until King Bard whom he had known well when he was a fisherman had asked him to stay and had suggested he study and become a scholar as new lake-town would need to make allies and would need help to reestablish itself, as this was very uncommon in lake town he took some time to get settled into the role though found he had a real drive for knowledge and to learn more about the world, this was a good distraction for him that at times  would take him away from his grief.

Olaf  spends a lot of time alone smoking his pipe and reading to better himself. He is a troubled man, though does well to hide it, not a day goes by that he does not think about his family and how he was not there for them even though he is wise enough to understand that there was nothing he could have done to help.

Olaf wears a necklace with a large tooth shaped object hanging from it as a reminder of his family and though he does not talk about it, he believes that it is a tooth of Smaug.

The Story so far:

The year is: 2955 of the 3rd age, 14 years after the death of Smaug, New Lake Town is ruled by King Bard and the people of the lake are starting to rebuild their lives.

Olaf was sent by King Bard to Isengard to speak with Saruman who was currently busy fortifying Isengard, Olaf had been sent to seek aid from Saruman against the packs of Orcs that had been coming down from the mountains and attacking new Lake Town and the people of lake town just dont have the man power of weapons to hold off these attacks.

It has taken Olaf many weeks to get to Isengard and so he was surprised when he was brought in to meet Saruman with a group of other people and then even more surprised to learn that he had been lured here under false pretence and that Saruman spoke of the enemy gathering forces and said that he believe that there would be information that could help put and end to him for once and for all in Angmar and that we were to go to Angmar and find any evidence and information we could, anything that would help stop the Sauron who had openly declared himself and began to gather power in Mordor.

At the meeting with Saruman he was introduced to the party that Olaf would be travelling with:

Edrahil a Mirkwood Elf wanderer – Played by Donk

Duilin a Dúnedain Wanderer – Played by Barney

Belegorn a Warrior of Minas Tirith – Played by Dave

Nain a Dwarf Warrior – Played by Charlie

They took some time to pack supplies in the kitchen and also met a hobbit that would be joining the party.

Ted Took a hobbit Treasure Hunter – Played by James

The group discussed the roles and decided that Edrahil would be the guide for the group and they discussed the route to travel, knowing it would take a long a time to get to Angmar and how dangerous it would be, they planned to stop as often as they could at as many friendly settlements they could along the way, Olaf was able to take a small amount of time to write some notes in his book, as he was currently documenting all he could of the world and a journey like this should be logged in as much detail as was safe to do so without mentioning where they were going or what they would be doing.

The group ate a large meal and got a good night rest and set out an hour before sunrise, they had loaded a wagon and made way out the gates of Isengard and not 30 steps into the quest they were attacked by pack of Wild Wargs and almost lost a member of the party, Olaf was able to tend to the wounds and the Wargs were defeated, only to find that it was a test from Saruman to make sure that the group were up to the task, they were invited back inside of Isengard where the session ended.

Below is a copy of the journal kept by Olaf to record his journey.

Wednesday January 4th 2955 Diary of Olaf

part 2 can be found here: